August 31, 2014

A teacher is a sculptor of minds, an artisan responsible for the creation of an assemblage of thoughts and musings, a navigator in unsteady seas. A teacher’s greatest responsibility is to spark a student’s curiosity, an ember that will continue burning on, though your lessons have long ended. Such as that of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods and gifting it to humanity, so that it may engender a new way of thinking, a new way of doing. A flame that will grow brightly in the darkness and illuminate minds before it. A teacher’s job is not to only teach but to create minds endowed with this flame curiosity. The greatest failure that may befall a teacher is to create forms without dimension or depth, minds droning on instructions, aimless in their purpose and being. Blowing out these fragile embers in a sea of monotonous labor neither sustaining nor illuminating. Creating minds all but hollow to curiosity’s warming embrace, creating minds that waste away as every second passes. Such as that of the failure of teacher’s today, whose lessons are predicated on the past but not on the future, deaf to the promises in which engendering curiosity in minds new and fresh has.